steamauth doesn't validate steam login

Currently I am developing a website that has a steam login. I am using steamauth for this.

Seems like sometimes when logging in, I get a message "User is not logged in". This happens when $openid->validete() returns false.

This is what I found out: The login doesn't work when I call it from my home page (<\a href = "">Login</a>), but it does work from my tournament page (<\a href = "">Login</a>). That is odd.

I checked openid.php and found out, that when logging from my homepage $this->data['openid_return_to'] and $this->returnUrl do not match.

$this->data['openid_return_to'] returns

$this->returnUrl returns

-login is failed.

When logging from tournament page both return and log in is successful

I am using wordpress and create both home page and tournament page from admin control panel

Sorry if dub. Thanks in advance