mysql configuration on 2 core 2.90GZ, 26GB of Memory windows DB server

I am very relatively new on handling db server and all my life I am have manage a database good for development, now it is my first time handling an enterprise level database with 0 knowledge on configuration.

On Postgresql there are tools online that could assist me but on mysql I cannot find a tool that will help me distinguish a good configuration on our DB server.

Here are the specs: OS: Windows server 2012 (64 bit) Ram: 24 GB Processor: 2 core 2.90GHZ

this server will be used primarily for a ticketing system that generates at least > 1000 issue tickets per day, add to that it will query to retrieve info and also 2000 users will be using it assuming 1000 user will be active on a day shift, 1000 user will be active on the night shift.

Many thanks guys.