VBS: Read virtual (Bluetooth) Comport parameters

Good Evening, I have a client who uses a system which allows you to customise a commercial software package using VBS. Until recently the peripheral devices he used with his system are all wired and used serial ports, so when we installed all the components his custom scripts set the comport to 1, and away we go.

The system now uses a new model of the peripheral device that connects with Bluetooth, and we've had devices be assigned ports 5-8 (so far), and it seems one device started on port 6, and then changed to 8 (NOTE: this is info from a user, I haven't witnessed this behaviour, and I didn't think it was possible without un-pairing the device and re-pairing it).

Basically I need to do what the OP was looking for in this post: Get bluetooth comport name

but with VBS instead of C#. IE: I want to build a function that returns the port number of the outgoing port for a particular device name.

As always any help you can provide is extremely appreciated. I have found numerous examples of how to read data coming in from the port, how to add a port, how to open it, etc... but i just need to read the details about the ports and compare the names to the name of the peripheral we are using.