Forecasting values across categories using Prophet and Python

I'm trying to use Prophet to forecast multiple categories:

def get_prediction(df):
    prediction = {}
    pdf = df.toPandas()
    partner_codes = pdf.partner_code.unique()

    for partner_code in partner_codes:
        partner_code_df = pdf.loc[pdf['partner_code'] == partner_code]
        # set the uncertainty interval to 95% (the Prophet default is 80%)
        my_model = Prophet(seasonality_mode = 'additive')
        future_dates = my_model.make_future_dataframe(periods=12, freq='M')
        forecast = my_model.predict(future_dates)
        prediction[partner_code] = forecast        
    return prediction

That piece of code seems to run just fine. But I'm having a hard time finding an output for it:

forecast = get_prediction(df)
fcst = pd.Series(forecast).to_frame()
print_fcst = spark.createDataFrame(fcst)

This doesn't work as the output of get_prediction(df) is a dict.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!