Vue modules, moment-timezone - How to load moment-timezone correctly and how to use the 2012-2022 data

I'm using the webpack template from vue-cli for my Vue project and I have both moment and moment-timezone installed in npm.

In my single file components, I've been able to get moment to work with moment-timezone by including the following import lines:

import moment from 'moment'
import moment_timezone from 'moment-timezone'

The moment_timezone object isn't ever used, but it seems to need to be there for functions to work.

My questions are:

  1. Is this the proper way to load moment and moment-timezone in my setup?
  2. How do I load only the data from moment-timezone-with-data-2012-2022.min.js? I see it in the moment-timezone package's builds directory, but I'm unclear how to specify that that is the data that I would like to use.