Python RegEx replace string while ignoring newline

heres what im doing. removing the ad section from the raw content which contains '\r', '\n'. but for ad section detection I must remove '\r', '\n' for running BeautifulSoup parsing..

after finding the ad section, i have no way to replace that from raw content!


some sentence, and the {ad section with special\r\n pattern} i have to remove thoes...

AdDetection - for to run detection i have to remove '\r', '\n'

    AdDetectionContent = RawContent
    AdDetectionContent = AdDetectionContent.replace('\r', '')
    AdDetectionContent = AdDetectionContent.replace('\n', '')
    AdDetectionContent.DoSomeMagic("Find Ad Logic")


{ad section with special pattern}


but the problem is...

i have to remove adContent from RawContent. which means i have to run regex or replace method while ignoring '\r' and '\n'

I cannot remove 'r', 'n' from RawContent beacuse it should maintain its document looking...

PLZ help!