c3p0 keeps allocating objects

I'm investigating a slow buildup of minor GC runs in my application the longer it runs. I've profiled it with YourKit, and I noticed that the C3P0 pool is constantly allocating objects.

Here is a snapshot of the memory after running a few requests locally

enter image description here

Ok. Seems fine. I then wait a couple of minutes with no application interaction. New snapshot:

enter image description here

If I'm reading this chart correctly, it keeps acquiring new resources. I think it keeps counts even if the old objects are collected, so this might be giving a bigger count than in reality. Even then, it's still concerning why it keeps reallocating or possibly allocating even more objects?

It's probably not harvesting connections from maxIdleTime because I haven't used the app for the max idle time. The objects still keep coming in. The only interactions with the database are SELECT 1 health checks.

C3P0 version: