Spring boot cloud contract usage with wiremock for integration tests and UI testing

I want to configure and run Spring cloud contract wire mock server when I start spring boot server.
Basically I am planning to deploying my Application war file to spring boot project and then test integration tests by using wire mock server. As per spring guide we can start and stop wire mock server in the test classes by annotating with specific configuration but I want to configure and start wire mock server out side of test classes so that I can use to test my application from UI as well by simulating back end rest services with wire mock services.

Below steps I want to do - 1)Create spring boot project and then deploy already available war file to embedded server 2)Spin up wire mock when spring boot server starts up. 3) use wire mock server for UI testing and intergration test cases.

Please help me to understand how to configure wire mock server and run it before spring boot starts up.

First I will add below configuration to deploy exisisting war to embedded tomcat.

public EmbeddedServletContainerFactory servletContainerFactory() {
    return new TomcatEmbeddedServletContainerFactory() {

        protected TomcatEmbeddedServletContainer getTomcatEmbeddedServletContainer(
                Tomcat tomcat) {
            // Ensure that the webapps directory exists
            new File(tomcat.getServer().getCatalinaBase(), "webapps").mkdirs();

            try {
                Context context = tomcat.addWebapp("/foo", "/path/to/foo.war");
                // Allow the webapp to load classes from your fat jar
            } catch (ServletException ex) {
                throw new IllegalStateException("Failed to add webapp", ex);
            return super.getTomcatEmbeddedServletContainer(tomcat);


Then I want to configuration Bean to start wire mock server.WireMockServer wireMockServer = new WireMockServer(options().port(8089)); //No-args constructor will start on port 8080, no HTTPS wireMockServer.start();

Problem here I am not able to understand where should Instance this wiremockserver so that it will be available for both application UI testing and Integration tests