Xcode can't build archive, but can build debug and release versions (using AFNetworking)

I'm preparing a MacOS application for distribution outside of the App Store. It uses the AFNetworking framework, which is accessed from within my Objective-C code by using the directive "@import AFNetworking" (instead of #import directives).

Problem 1) I am able to build for both Debug and Release configurations, but I need to include a copy of AFNetworking.framework in each build folder (..../Build/Debug and ..../Build/Release). I know this seems wrong, but I can live with it for now. I would love to know how to fix this, however.

Problem 2 - Probably related to problem 1) When I try to build an Archive (instead of Debug or Release), I get the error "Module 'AFNetworking' not found", and I can't build.

I'm confused by this, and could really use some advice on what to do.