Visual Studio Intellisense format XML tags

Whenever I write my own XML comments and use some of the helpful tags like <c></c> or <see cref=""/>, the intellisense popup window shows the literal XML instead of applying any formatting. I typically write XML comments just for the sake of intellisense rather than to build documentation with sandcastle. Is there a way to get intellisense to format my XML tags, or should I abandon them altogether?

I see the same behavior in both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.


I deserved that downvote. After researching further, I see there's a lot more that I missed in the original question. The problem only occurs when I am writing a "shortcut" comment, where I leave off the actual XML tag for <summary>, for example:

/// Adds 2 to <c>x</c>
int Add2(int x) => x + 2;

Those comments still show up in the XML document, and I thought it was just shorthand for a comment that only includes a summary.

Furthermore, I also discovered that the behavior for those "shortcut" comments is different for different languages. F# displays the problem as I described in my original post: enter image description here

Meanwhile, C# just doesn't render any sort of comment in the intellisense popup at all: enter image description here

I suspect now that my answer is just that Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code don't really like comments where you leave off the <summary> tag.