How to check if a PC shutdown completely from another PC

Currently, I'm constructing an PC environment as below:
- PC1 and PC2 connected to same LAN network
- PC2 turned on Wake On Lan feature

What the environment need to do:

  1. PC1 send a command to shutdown PC2
  2. PC1 wait until PC2 has been shutdown completely
  3. PC1 send a Wake On Lan package to wake up PC2

The step 1 and step 3 above can be easy implement using shutdown command line and some Wake On Lan utility (example: wolcmd )

But currently, I don't know how to check if PC2 has completely shutdown from PC1 (Step 2).
During shutting down, I think network to PC2 still available, even when PC2 has been shutdown because of Wake On Lan still running.
So I think we can not using ping command to check it

I wonder if we can check some system services in PC2 will be stopped, is it possible?
Please share the solution if anyone has another way. Thank you very much