What does it mean that the sys module is built into every python interpreter?

I am going through the official Python tutorial, and it says

One particular module deserves some attention: sys, which is built into every Python interpreter.

However, if I start the python interpreter and type, for example, sys.path, I get a NameError: name sys is not defined.

Thus, I need to import sys if I want to have access to it.

So what does it mean that it is 'built into every python interpreter' ?

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  • answered 2018-07-11 04:12 Tim Peters

    It simply means that

    import sys

    will succeed, regardless of which version of Python you're using. It comes with every Python installation. In contrast, e.g.,

    import mpmath

    will fail unless you've installed the mpmath package yourself, or it came bundled with the specific Python installation you're using.