Wordpress Search widget

Hello I have a problem in my widget. There is a search engine in the widget. I want to add dropdown input option in the widget but I get an error(500). My code is like that:

    <div class="dropdown form-control search_location_mobile_wrapp search_location_list_wrapp">
        <div data-toggle="dropdown" id="search_location_list" class="filter_menu_trigger" 
                    echo esc_attr($_GET['search_location']);
                    echo 'all';
            if( isset($_GET['search_location'])){
               echo esc_html__($_GET['search_location'],'wpestate');
          esc_html_e('Where do you want to go ?','wpestate');
            <span class="caret caret_filter"></span>
        <input type="hidden" name="search_location" id="search_location_list" 
                echo esc_attr($_GET['search_location']);
     <ul  class="dropdown-menu filter_menu"  id="guest_no_main_list" role="menu" aria-labelledby="search_location">
            <?php print wpestate_get_city_select_list($args);?>

What is a problem ?