Multiple QnA Services in one Bot using Nodejs

I have a Bot with luis recognizer & 1 Qna service. The way I currently consume QnA answers is I use luis intent to trigger a dialog flow and just make a simple Http request to QnA. I would like to expand this bot to multiple QnA KB's or multiple services with each on its own KB's.

  • Produce info QnA
  • Device support QnA
  • Visa issue QnA

When I thought about doing this there were some approaches in mind.

Approach 1:- Create LUIS intents for above QnA's , copy paste all questions from above QnA's to luis intents and, just use http request to call each QnA. cons:- Each time qna questions changes, I would have to update luis intents, lots of manual copy work.

Approach 2:- Use

The issue with this is I am not sure if its best practice to add 4 recognizers (1 luis and 3 qna)on bot instance

ex:- var recognizer = new cognitiveservices.QnAMakerRecognizer({ knowledgeBaseId: 'set your kbid here', authKey: 'set your authorization key here', top: 4});

Approach 3:- Use lUIs dispatcher tool but its not GA yet so I can't use it for production application.

Is there any 4th Option ? Any examples I can get directed to ? What is the best practice in these kind of scenarios.