How to display an image in a loop using MongoDB \ PHP?

Tried using getGridFS but still doesn't work. Here's my code. I would like to display the image but the result was the name of the file I uploaded e.g (pic.jpg)

    require 'vendor/autoload.php';
    $client = new MongoDB\Client;
    $infodb = $client->infodb; //name of my database
    $product = $infodb->product; //name of my table (product)
    $data = $product->find();
    $gridFS = $infodb->getGridFS();
    echo "<!DOCTYPE html>
                <body class='image'>
                    ////// start///////////////
                    <div class='container-fluid'>
                        <div class='row>
                            <div class='col-md-offset-2 col-md-8'>
                                <table id='info'>
                                    <tr> /////put it in a table
                                        <th>Product Name</th>
                                    </tr>"; // tried to loop in here
    foreach($data as $find) {
                              echo "<tr>
                                        <td>". $find['Product Name']."</td>
                                        <td>". $find['Description']."</td>
                                        <td>". $find['Quantity']."</td>
                                        <td>". $find['Category']."</td>
                                        <td>". $image = $gridFS->findOne(array('_id' => new MongoId($find["image"]))); header('Content-type: image/jpg;'); echo $image->getBytes();"
                                        </td>"; // wanna get every image of my product