Could not get unknown property 'sonatypeRepo'

Just cloned a project

I have updated class path to

classpath ''

I have added google() to buildScript & allProjects tag.

I have updated gradle wrapper version to


I have updated its compileSdkVersion, min, target as well.

But i am getting this weird error, i could not find a solution for me. I found a same question on SO. but that did not help me.

Could not get unknown property 'sonatypeRepo' for object of type org.gradle.api.publication.maven.internal.deployer.DefaultGroovyMavenDeployer.

Can some one tell why this issue raise and what is the solution?

1 answer

  • answered 2018-07-11 06:11 Khemraj

    I have fixed it by removing unused tags in gradle for me. uploadArchives, signing & configurations in this build.gradle