duplicated text on url with scrapy

I have this code with a problem,

def parse(self, response):
        all_page_A_Z = response.css('div[aria-label="home"] > a::attr("href")').extract()        

        for next_page in all_page_A_Z:
            page = response.urljoin(next_page)
            yield response.follow(next_page, self.parse_datails)

def parse_datails(self, response):
    all_details_pages = response.css('span.desc > a::attr("href")').extract() 
    print("parse_datails" + str(len(all_details_pages)))
    for page in all_details_pages:
        yield response.follow(page, self.parse_product)

i can get the urls from the index, but when i go to categories i have this

category/category/product.html (and as result a 404 error)

and i need only category/product.html