Assembly*Attributes missing in Release builds on Xamarin.Android

Every component of my app-suite specifies the following in AssemblyInfo.cs to identify itself:

[assembly: AssemblyVersion("MM.nnn.*")]
[assembly: AssemblyTitle( "Component Title" )]
[assembly: AssemblyDescription( "<Component>.Debug" )]
[assembly: AssemblyConfiguration( "Debug" )]
[assembly: AssemblyDescription( "<Component>.Release" )]
[assembly: AssemblyConfiguration( "Release" )]

Every component's start-up usually involves the following sequence:

Assembly        asm =   Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly( );
FileVersionInfo fvi =   FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo( asm.Location );

Utils.sModInfo =    string.Format( Utils.scFmtModId, fvi.FileDescription, fvi.Comments,
                        fvi.FileVersion, Utils.GetBuildFromVersion( fvi.FileVersion ) );

For completeness:

/// <summary>Returns build-date/time, extracted from the version string
    (use on 'MM.nnn.*'-versioned assemblies)</summary>
public static DateTime  GetBuildFromVersion( string sVersion )
    DateTime    dB =    new DateTime( 2000, 1, 1 );
    string[]    sa =    sVersion.Split( '.' );

    if(  sa.Length == 4  )
        dB =    dB.AddDays(    Convert.ToInt32( sa[ 2 ] ) );
        dB =    dB.AddSeconds( Convert.ToInt32( sa[ 3 ] ) << 1 );
    return  dB;

Now, Xamarin.Android project shares a lot of library code, and i would like to use same approaches for similar conceptual tasks. Therefore, i created AssemblyInfo.cs, and filled it accordingly..

Everything works great in Debug builds: attributes are retrieved and displayed properly.
The very first Release build crashed, unable to get asm.Location - as i later figured out.
So i put #if DEBUG .. #endif around that code and went on..

Today i realized FileVersionInfo is not really necessary, and changed Android start-up to:

string  sVersion =  asm.GetName( ).Version.ToString( ),
        sFileDsc =  string.Empty,
        sComment =  string.Empty;

foreach(  Attribute attr in asm.GetCustomAttributes( true )  )
    if(  attr.GetType( ) == typeof(AssemblyTitleAttribute)  )
        sFileDsc =      ((AssemblyTitleAttribute)attr).Title;
    if(  attr.GetType( ) == typeof(AssemblyDescriptionAttribute)  )
        sComment =      ((AssemblyDescriptionAttribute)attr).Description;

Utils.sModInfo =    string.Format( Utils.scFmtModId, sFileDsc, sComment,
                        sVersion, Utils.GetBuildFromVersion( sVersion ) );

This worked perfectly in Debug build.. And only gave me a version# in Release one!

Exposing proper (similar and comparable to all other components) version# is great, i'll take that.
But what happens to the rest of Assembly*Attributes in Release builds?