FT2232H Mini Module as communication for Arduino and Peripherals

I may be misunderstanding something with the use of FT2232H. But my objective is to use the FT2232H to extend the length that I can have a display from my Arduino Mega2560. I am using SPI & I2C so here is what my thought was:

Mega2560(SPI + I2C) -> FT2232H -> USB Mini cord -> FT2232H -> Screen(SPI + I2C)

On a side note it looks like I will need to Edit the EEPROM on the FT2232H to accept the Arduino device as the power source on the Arduino end of the scheme.

Could this work or is the FT2232H only meant to run with a PC to a peripheral device? It seems to me like it doesn't matter the chip just handles converting what is input into it to USB protocol and vice versa. Any knowledge on this would be great. I am trying to decide to pull the trigger on purchasing some of these evaluation boards.