How can I install and configure Dart 2 and Aqueduct on Ubuntu 18.04?

I have local network socket services. So, I need to deploy Aqueduct (on Ubuntu 18.04).

With Aqueduct, the my rest api backend it connects to my local network socket services (not a database) and front provides for me the REST API.

Whit this my Flutter Mobile App can connect to Aqueduct so I can get the information that I want. I guess the google cloud and docker file is not suitable for me. I am trying to give "LIFE" to old system using Aqueduct.

Everything works in my Mac Pro, but I am having difficulty to do the same using Ubuntu 18.04.

Where I can get "DETAIL" information to install Dart 2 and Aqueduct 3 on Ubuntu 18.04 and configure properly?

Any help greatly appreciated.