404 could not find resource lint-gradle-26.1.3.pom

trying to build a signed apk from a opensource android application and got the error for the link https://jcenter.bintray.com/com/android/tools/lint/lint-gradle/26.1.3/lint-gradle-26.1.3.pom is not accessible

i try to put this link manually to my browser and after redirecting to https://repo.jfrog.org/artifactory/libs-release-bintray/com/android/tools/lint/lint-gradle/26.1.3/lint-gradle-26.1.3.pom?referrer link i got 404 could not find resource Error.

is something wrong with the repository? how can i fix this, i can reach the jar file from maven repository but gradle decides to get this from jCenter and hit this error and i can't remove jcenter from repository