VBA How to extract specific data from a csv file

I am not so familiar in vba, but i am trying to make the following, any help would be appriciated.

I have the following structured .csv file generated from a mysql database every day at 6am (it is just a part of it, it is for 24 hour) I have 3 sections where it is a high number and then it is zero. 13:45, 21:45 and on the next day 5:45

Csv file structure:
enter image description here

I would like to achive the following.

I want to create a master .xlsm file and every day i would like to add specific data from the current day .csv

Every day i would like to extract the sum of 3 rows from the .csv file. To sum the biggest 3 number in every column which contains the numbers without duplication automatically or maybe to compare 2 rows and if in the next line the data is 0 then i need that row-1 (the biggest number) and as i said i'd like to get the biggest 3 in 24 our and add them together. (example, 24091+487+27951+245+24260+664+30029+119)+the same at 21:45 + the next day 5:45 and add the whole summed number to 1 cell in the master like in the second pic.

Which would be my daily produced parts number. In a structure like this:

Wanted structure in master file:
enter image description here

I hope that ist is making any sense, how i pictured it.

Thank you in advance for any kind of help.