How to read a .csv file embeded in a Word file

I currently am working on an MS Word form where I use VBA to import data from a .csv file. The form is a phone request for employes who work outside, and my .csv is a list of phones that is updated for time to time. My boss would like to have this .csv directly into the Word to have only one single file to handle.

I found how to include (embeded) it, I go to "insert" tab on the ribbon, "Object" button, then "Create from File" tab. I check "display as icon" but not "Link to file".

My .csv is only used to import data through a macro when opening the Word form. Data are then paste in a variable that is handled in VBA to fill combos. The .csv is periodicaly updated and re-embedded so the form is updated also. I don't plan to alter the .csv in VBA in any way.

The objective is eventualy to give the Word document to someone else who will embed a new .csv when needed, but won't look at the code.

The problem I am working on is to reach the .csv and import data.

Another solution, thanks to @Cindy Meister's and @SlowLearner's comments for pointing out the idea, would be to use Custom XML Parts. I will make some additional researches about that.

Moreover, with my currently very limited experience on programming and VBA, I'm not sure how to handle that (I'm not even sure it's possible). The lack of quality documentation on VBA doesn't help either.

After comments of @Cindy Meister and @SlowLearner, I reformulated part of the question to be more precise, although I feel it's getting very long and and messy. I probably should make my own research to narrow down the problem.

ps: that's my first question here, so any advice is welcome, and please be nice with me :)