Dynamic generation of Python function with given parameter names

I would like to create functions in my Python3 code, making use of data supplied during run-time. I'm stuck on how I can write a function along the lines of

def foo(varname1, varname2):
    return varname1 + varname2

where the strings varname1 and varname2 that give the parameter names are specified as arguments to some constructor function, e.g.:

def makeNewFooFunc(varname1, varname2):
    # do magic
    return foo

fooFunc = makeNewFooFunc('first', 'second')

print(fooFunc(first=1, second=2))
# should return 3

what would be the #do magic step? Is this a job for eval, or is there an alternative?

1 answer

  • answered 2018-07-12 07:58 Ilya Miroshnichenko

    You don't need to write a function like that. just use **kwargs

    def foo_func(**kwargs):
        return sum(kwargs.values())
    foo_func(any_name=1, any_name_2=2)

    but if you still need to do what you want, you can try

    def make_new_func(var_name_1, var_name_2):
        def foo(**kwargs):
            # make sure in kwargs only expected parameters
            assert set(kwargs) == {var_name_1,  var_name_2}
            return kwargs[var_name_1] + kwargs[var_name_2]
        return foo
    foo_func = make_new_func('a', 'b')
    foo_func(a=1, b=2)