Converting X/Y to Lat/Long without point of origin

I have tens of thousands of X/Y points that are designed to be displayed on a black background instead of a map. Think of a rail network.

However I would like to display them on a map. I can manually get latitudes and longitudes of the points and associate them with some of the x/y's. I find a street and use another online tool to get the lat/long of that point.

I was wondering if there is some code that could calculate the positions of the other points?

I'm open to feedback about the question to provide more clarity.


It is for a web application (Google Maps API) and based in the United Kingdom.

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  • answered 2018-07-12 08:58 Francesco

    You should reproject lat/lon to a geometric coordinate system like UTM coordinate system or WebMercator (they have the same origin of lat/lon). Otherwise you coud use a library for gis or similiar applications (just check DotSpatial).