get current date with 'yyyy-MM-dd' format in Angular 4

How i can get the current date with a specific format 'yyyy-MM-dd', for today by example i with that the result be: '2018-07-12', with using just the command

myDate = new Date();

thanks a lot

3 answers

  • answered 2018-07-12 07:45 Peter

    Here is the example:

    function MethodName($scope)
        $ = new Date();

    You can change the format in view here we have a code

    <div ng-app ng-controller="MethodName">
        My current date is {{date | date:'yyyy-MM-dd'}} . 

    I hope it helps.

  • answered 2018-07-12 07:45 Krishna Rathore

    You can use date:'yyyy-MM-dd' pipe

    curDate=new Date();
    <p>{{curDate | date:'yyyy-MM-dd'}}</p>

  • answered 2018-07-12 07:50 khush

    You can use DatePipe for formatting Date in Angular.

    In ts if you want to format date then you can inject DatePipe as Service in constructor like this

    myDate = new Date();
    constructor(private datePipe: DatePipe){
        this.myDate = this.datePipe.format(this.myDate, 'yyyy-MM-dd');

    And if you want to format in html file,

    {{myDate | date:'yyyy-MM-dd'}}

    As of Angular 6, this also works,

    import {formatDate} from '@angular/common';
    formatDate(new Date(), 'yyyy/MM/dd', 'en');