Fpdf and nested IF for display a report using PHP

I'm trying to create a report using fpdf to print the data. However, I'm not able to display the text in two columns. It is printing one column per time. I want to display the information nicely, but I do not know how to fix my IFs to create.

Here is my code:

$positionX=180+($marginLeft*0.5); //$marginLeft;
$positionY=$marginTop + ($marginTop*0.5);
$pdf->SetXY($positionX, $positionY);

unset($arrCVS[0]); //skip line 1, header
for ($l=0; $l < $lenght; $l++) {

    //  Display name
    if(!empty($arrCVS[$l]['Section']) OR $arrCVS[$l]['Section'] =! "Section #" ){
        $positionX= $marginLeft;

  //  Special considerations

    if(($arrCVS[$l]['Responses'])==1 AND ($arrCVS[$l]['Answer Match'])=="UnChecked" ){
     //   $pdf->SetX($positionX+ ($marginLeft*5));

        if(($count%5==0) OR (!empty($arrCVS[$l]['Section']))){
            $pdf->SetX( $positionX);


Here is how it is print now. I want to put the information in 2 columns, without the space between lines.

enter image description here