iOS - OHHTTPStubs doesn't stub Siesta calls

I have a data manger that gets a json file from the server an I want to test that call using my own json file. I am using Siesta for API and OHHTTPStubs for stubbing, but for some reason the stubbing doesn't work. Here the step I did to use it:

  1. I added OHHTTPStubs to pod file:

    pod 'OHHTTPStubs/Swift'

  2. In test method I wrote this:

    func testGetData() {
        stub(condition: isPath("")) { request in
            let stubPath = OHPathForFile("testData.json", type(of: self)) // break point
            return fixture(filePath: stubPath!, headers: ["Content-Type":"application/json"])
        let expectation = self.expectation(description: "calls the callback with a resource object")
        manager.getData(onSuccess: { (data) in
            XCTAssertGreaterThan(data.count, 0, "Failed to get data")
        }) { (error) in
        self.waitForExpectations(timeout: 0.5, handler: .none)

I put a breakpoint inside the closure of the stub but it doesn't enter it. I also tried isHost("") and isMethodGET() but still nothing :(

PS: The path for the json file is