How not to call (spy) methods of static member (KafkaTemplate UT)

I have class

public **abstract** class BaseClass<K, V> implements SomeService {

    private KafkaTemplate<K, V> kafkaTemplate;

    public void init(Map<String, Object> params) {
        DefaultKafkaProducerFactory<K, V> defaultKafkaProducerFactory = new DefaultKafkaProducerFactory<>(params);
        kafkaTemplate = new KafkaTemplate<>(defaultKafkaProducerFactory);

    public void send(Message message) { 
        ProducerRecord<K, V> record = new ProducerRecord<>("topic", "key", someObject);
        RecordMetadata recordMetadata = kafkaTemplate.send(record).get().getRecordMetadata();

My question is how to test this class, the only thing I wanted is to check that kafkaTemplate.send happens at least 1 time.

I don't want to use embedded Kafka with spring (too difficult for this test). How can initialize and spy and not really call methods of KafkaTemplate?