Jupyter does not show folder in my working directory

I am running docker Jupiter notebook on a MacBook Pro. When starting Jupyter home only shows some of the folders in the working directory. When I cd to a folder and use it as the working directory I get the message "Notebook list is empty." See examples below.

My directory:

LewIss-MacBook-Pro:MyTensorFlow lewleib$ ls

Gorner_tensorflow-mnist Tensor2018 models Gorner_tensorflow-rnn Untitled.ipynb tensorflow MyDeepTest generate_hmb3.py tensorflow-without-a-phd-master My_tensor1.html guided testgen NeuralNet1.ipynb install.sh README.md mnist

One level down:

LewIss-MacBook-Pro:MyDeepTest lewleib$ ls README.md guided models generate_hmb3.py install.sh testgen

And one level more:

LewIss-MacBook-Pro:guided lewleib$ ls

chauffeur_guided.py epoch_guided.py ncoverage.py rambo_guided.py

When I try and call Jupiter note book:

LewIss-MacBook-Pro:guided lewleib$ docker run -it -p 8888:8888 -p 6006:6006 -v ~/lewleib/MyTensorFlow/MyDeepTest/guided:/notebooks tensorflow/tensorflow

I get the following:

guided Last Modified Name ..seconds ago The notebook list is empty.