Using QStandardItemModel and QTreeView to implement an object property browser

The task at hand is to implement an object property editor in Qt.

Imagine an application with a graphical view that displays geometrical objects. Upon selecting the geometrical object on the right panel of the app needs to pop up a an object property editor, where the various properties of the object will appear with some of them being editable.

1) The first thing that comes to my mind is having my each and every object store an instance of QStandardItemModel, and have a QTreeView on the right side. The moment an object is selected I set my QTreeView's model to the QStandardItemModel of the object. Obviously the signals and slots will be connected to update the view from the model and vice versa.

2) The second thing that comes to my mind is to make a widget framework, where based on the properties of my objects the required widgets will be created. Then I can have a custom model that will store the data and wire the signals and slots.

With approach #2 I will have more control, but there will be plenty of work involved. With approach #1 it will be less work, but the question is whether it will do the job required.

Below is a screenshot from Qt Creator's form designer. I want to implement something similar to it:

enter image description here