Double product price from XML imported file in Woocommerce

I have a XML file that is uploaded to a script then into products from woocommerce, but I am having double prices as seen above, so the sale price is not visible.

    <produktnavn>Hugo Boss Navigator 1513531</produktnavn>
    <beskrivelse>Hugo Boss Navigator 1513531</beskrivelse>
    <fragtomk>29 DKK</fragtomk>
    <billedurl>some url</billedurl>
    <vareurl>some link</vareurl>

I would like if <nypris> equals <glpris> then delete <glpris> I have been trying to do it in a PHP script that I have importing from a xml file.

Is there any good way to do it?

I'am look for help because I have a poor knowledge.