Data storage and managment in Java suggestions

Up until this point all the data I have stored are in .txt files since I can easily understand them and all the data is text. But now I want to store and analyze bigger data.

Will speed and processing power be an issue with .txt files?

Is there a faster and more efficient way to accomplish my goal?

Is there an easy to use api that handles data?

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  • answered 2018-08-14 13:51 Levent Dag

    Learn to use SQL.

    In this day and age nobody will allow you to create Applications or any kind of Software with "textual data management". There are different database frameworks. The most common used and distributed are SQL, there are also non-SQL Databases, which are different Databases not based on SQL.

    You can imagine SQL as some kind of Framework like let's say Ubuntu and there are distros so other version like Lubuntu or Xubuntu. Same applies to SQL. Once you know SQL you'll be able to understand and use any other SQL based DB. They just have different features and so on.

    Most common are MySQL and PostgreSQL. I really recommend PostgreSQL, but as i said as long as you learn the SQL standard you're good to go. And from there you just bind the DB via drivers and optionally ORMs to your Java Code.

    Usefull Frameworks and Sources: PostgreSQL Hibernate ORM