Incorrect order of authorization-buttons (Location- and Notification-permission) in iOS11

Using iOS-11.4.1, Xcode-9.4.1, Swift-4.2,

I have successfully programmed two user-permissions (i.e. authorizations)

  • Location-authorization
  • Notification-authorization

Now I noticed that the two buttons in the authorization-windows (i.e. popups) do have different order !!

One popup shows the "allow" button on top - the other popup shows it at the bottom !

(see images below)

The funny bit: The English version works - and both authorization-popups do have the "allow"-button on the same side. But not the german-localization version.

Is there any way one can change the order of the allow / not-allow buttons ??

It is a very inconvenient user-experience if the two button-order differ !

enter image description here enter image description here