Visual Studio 2015 Remote Debug not compatible platform error

I'm trying to remote debug a Visual Studio 2015 project and i get following strange error:

Visual Studio Error incompatible platforms

In english, it should sound like 'the operation failed because the debug object and the debugger are on incompatible platforms'

This error occur when pressing [F5] on Visual studio to start debugging.

Before to start debugging, the remote MsVsMon.exe shows as follow: MsVsMon correctly connected

Conditions are following:

  • remote computer:
    • windows 7 pro sp1 x64, english version
    • msVsMon.exe is run from a share of the local debugging computer (so both Remote debugger uses the same code)
  • local debugging computer:
    • Visual Studio 2015 Update 3
    • Windows 10 Italian version
  • when starting debug from Visual Studio, the user T*5\b*e connect to the remote MsVsMon.exe successfully, see log 'T*5\b*e connected'

What is wrong?

  • is it a problem of different windows version?
  • is it a problem of different languages version?

My solutions contains:

  • an exe x86: I tried to change to Any Cpu or X86 but I collected a worst '... DCOM error ...'
  • many dll in C# and compiled as 'Any Cpu'
  • some dll in C# compiled as 'X86'
  • some dll in C++ compiled as "win32'

Thanks in advance.