How to get iOS app install referral link in appstore?

I am building eCommerce platform.This includes website,android app and iOS app.

I already implemented for Android by using Google Play Install Referrer API.For Android,when users install from a referral link,we will get referral link and other data and match that when user sign up in our app.So,we can count referral score.

I searched for iOS solution,but i'm not getting any proper solution.

What should i do?


2 answers

  • answered 2018-09-24 08:40 Pavlo Boiko

    You can do this via Deep Linking. You can generate referral URL with some info such as when another user open this URL, it automatically will redirect to your app. And you can get referralId value in App Delegate in method open(_:options:completionHandler:)

  • answered 2018-09-24 09:08 Magdy Zamel

    You can make this through Universal Links Concept

    Link Here:

    Branch SDK is an SDK for implementing a universal link, handling the Deeplink routing logic you need not handle any of the use cases that you have mentioned

    Follow the docs below for integrating Branch SDK:

    Docs Here