Android Studio Loaders have been deprecated as of Android P (API 28)?

I am new in Android, I have finished some Android app development courses and now I am trying to apply what I learned. I've chosen a news app for it. It will extract news' from 5-10 source and display them in recyclerview.

I recognized that the course materials I used is outdated. I've used AsynctaskLoader to handle internet connection issues but now in official Android documentation it says "Loaders have been deprecated as of Android P (API 28). The recommended option for dealing with loading data while handling the Activity and Fragment lifecycles is to use a combination of ViewModels and LiveData."

My question is should I convert my code to comply with ViewModels and LiveData or would Asynctask handle my task (or any other suggestion)? As I mentioned I only want to extract news data from a couple of source and display them in the app. It seems I don't need data storage feature. But, for now I have added two news source and the app seems to load news data a little bit late. Does this latency has something to do with using loaders? Would using viewmodels speed up news loading task (especially when there are lots of news source)?

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  • answered 2018-09-24 19:04 Gabe Sechan

    If you've already written it with Loaders there's no reason to rush to change it. Deprecated doesn't mean gone. And no, Loaders don't add significant performance penalty- any perf issues would be elsewhere in your app.

  • answered 2018-09-25 00:12 Show Young Soyinka

    Loaders are good because of its ability to handle life cycle, but it is not as efficient as LiveData and ViewModel. If you care about performance, speed and being latest, use Android Architecture Components (LiveData, ViewModel), also, you don't have to stick to the old system of doing things, you can write a simple AsyncTask and wrap it with ViewModel and LiveData. It works like a magic and better than Loaders. For information on how to wrap AsyncTask in LiveData and ViewModel, visit