Configure domain on Godaddy to Amazon S3 bucket

I have the static website hosted on S3 which is displaying correctly using the Amazon s3 link.

As per Amazon docs, I created two buckets, & The has the content (files) for the website; the bucket is redirecting to the bucket.

I am trying to configure Godaddy Apex domain DNS settings to redirect to the S3 bucket. As an example, the domain is & I entered the settings in Godaddy domain DNS in the following form:

Name: www
TTL: 1 hour

However, the website is not displaying on the link How do I configure the apex domain to display the static website?

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  • answered 2018-10-09 17:20 Matt D

    You can't, sorry... AWS do not provide an IP Address that you can add as the Apex A Record. This causes issues using S3, CloudFront, ELB, and API Gateway.

    If you are using AWS Route53, you can set the Apex A Record as an "alias" to those other services in your AWS account. This is an AWS bespoke service to get around only being able to set an A Record IP Address as the Apex Address.

    So you can either move your DNS to AWS, or use a www redirection service. This will provide you with an IP Address which will respond with a redirection to your address. People often use services like to do this for free:

    On further investigation, it turns out that GoDaddy offers http redirection in its DNS service. Here is a guide to setting up naked domain name redirection to the www sub domain: