Can I use PowerShell `Expand-Archive` upon a zip file with no extension

I'm working upon a PowerShell script, where I have to extract the content out of a .zip archive which extension is removed, so, archive's name is let's say not but just test, and it is compressed as a .zip archive. I'm trying to use for this purpose the PowerShell cmdlet Expand-Archive like shown below :

Expand-Archive -LiteralPath "Path to the archive" -DestinationPath "Extraction Path"

But, it doesn't seem to work, is there a possibility of extracting this archive's content with powershell, or it would be better to use a work around like 7zip command line tools, or something similar?

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  • answered 2018-10-09 16:40 TheIncorrigible1

    The Expand-Archive cmdlet is designed to explicitly work with a path that has a .zip extension. You can work around this by either creating a copy of your archive with a proper extension using Copy-Item or renaming the archive to have an extension with Rename-Item (using Move-Item may be more desirable if the archive with extension already exists and you want to overwrite it; Rename-Item is not capable of overwriting).