C#: How to cast a value from a database field to an explicit typed variable

In fact, I've already found the answer to my question, here at stackoverflow. But because of my low reputation, I can't give thank to the person (Richard Petheram) who gave me the hint. So please add me the votes to 15 so I could at least thank helping people. Thanks in advance )

Here is the question and the answer helped me

and here is my function

    public static T NvlO<T>(object a, T b)
        if (a == null)
            return b;
            var lSrcType = a.GetType();
            var lDestType = typeof(T);

            if (lDestType.IsValueType && lDestType.IsAssignableFrom(lSrcType))
                return (T)a;
            var lDestTC = TypeDescriptor.GetConverter(typeof(T));
            if (lDestTC.CanConvertFrom(lSrcType))
                return (T)lDestTC.ConvertFrom(a);
                var lSrcTC = TypeDescriptor.GetConverter(lSrcType);
                String lTmp = lSrcTC.ConvertToInvariantString(a);
                return (T)lDestTC.ConvertFromInvariantString(lTmp);

example of using

long _userID = Utils.NvlO(dr["UserID"], 0);

and if you think that the function does not match the correct programming patterns, write why you think so.