Write to the file output of wsadmin scripting

I want to redirect results out to a file without leaving the wsadmin command line.

Jyhton code :

dsid = AdminConfig.getid('/DataSource:IG.JASPER.DS/')

I find something like below. but I am not sure really Can someone please let me know how to do this?

file = open("C:\\Test\\conn.txt","w")
file.write("Admin.config.... blah") 

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  • answered 2018-10-12 05:38 M I P

    See here for more details.

    Open the file with "w" or "w+" file mode for writing to a file object.
    When a file opened for write operation you can use the following :

    • redirecting operator >>
    • write function
    • writelines function

    So the below script should work for your datasource test connection

    dsid = AdminConfig.getid('/DataSource:BPH Oracle XA DataSource')
    status = AdminControl.testConnection(dsid)
    file=open('results.txt', 'w')
    #print >>file, status

    For successful connection, the generated file (results.txt) should contain an entry like "WASX7217I: Connection to provided datasource was successful."