Neo4j: results are duplicated

So I'm trying to find every Node that has at least a common Node with another one. This is the request I'm using to do this:

MATCH (source:Article)--(neighbor)--(target:Article)
WHERE NOT (source.unique_url) = (target.unique_url)
WITH DISTINCT [source.unique_url, target.unique_url] AS combo, 
     source, target, neighbor 
RETURN combo, 
       source.unique_url AS source_unique_url, 
       source.title AS source_title, 
       source.url AS source_url, 
       target.unique_url AS target_unique_url, target._id AS target_id,
       target.title AS target_title,  
       count(neighbor) AS common_neighbors
ORDER BY common_neighbors DESCENDING

But sadly [source.unique_url, target.unique_url] is always duplicated, like for one Node having a common neighbour with another one, I always get results like this:

[url1, url2]
[url2, url1]
[url1, url2]
[url2, url1]

I checked and the data is not duplicated in the DB, so the request is duplicating them, anyone knows what might be causing this ? Thanks a lot !

2 answers

  • answered 2018-10-12 13:35 pappu kumar

    Use DISTINCT Key Word

    i think you can use the DISTINCT with property after return keyword. try this. EX:-

    return collect(distinct label) as lab

  • answered 2018-10-12 18:37 Tomaž Bratanič

    Try to change the start of your query like this.

    1. Add direction to relationships
    2. Add id(source) > id(target)
    MATCH (source:Article)-->(neighbor<)--(target:Article)
    WHERE id(source) > id(target)
    WITH ...