How to pass script arguments to AWS Batch fetch-and-run

I am following this tutorial to run a simple fetch-and-run example in AWS batch. However, I'm unable to pass arguments to the script fetched through this example.

The basic example will produce this execution:

export BATCH_FILE_TYPE="script"

export BATCH_FILE_S3_URL="s3://my-bucket/my-script" script-from-s3 [ <script arguments> ]

where script arguments are only mentioned in:

This shows that it supports two values for BATCH_FILE_TYPE, either “script” or “zip”. When you set “script”, it causes to download a single file and then execute it, in addition to passing in any further arguments to the script.

I tried passing them with AWS CLI through the --parameters and --container-overrides parameters (in the latter under the command key), however they are not received from the script.

I would like not to modify either my Dockerfile ENTRYPOINT for each run or the script, but I cannot understand how to achieve this differently.

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  • answered 2018-10-11 19:41 gc5

    Mixing these example of job definitions I achieved it with aws batch using:

    aws batch submit-job --job-name <job_name> --job-definition <job_def_name> \
      --job-queue <queue_name> \
      --container-overrides '{
        "command": ["<script-from-s3>", "Ref::param1", "Ref::param2"], \
        "environment": [ \
          {"name": "BATCH_FILE_S3_URL", "value": "<script-from-s3>"}, \
          {"name": "BATCH_FILE_TYPE", "value": "script"}]}' \
      --parameters '{"param1": "<param1>", "param2": "<param2>"}'