Wildfly Maven Plugin not updating config

We used to be able to update our Wildfly app server configuration (standalone-full-ha.xml) using wildfly-maven-plugin 1.0.2.Final. It stopped working when we switched to version 1.2.2.Final. We're still on Wildfy 8.2.1. I had to upgrade the plugin because of deployment problems over SSL.

Here's the subproject pom.xml


I executed:

 > mvn package -e -P nonclustered
        [INFO] --- wildfly-maven-plugin:1.2.2.Final:execute-commands (add-jboss-security) @ jboss-security ---
        [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------
        [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------
        [INFO] Total time: 6.814 s
        [INFO] Finished at: 2018-10-11T14:49:03-04:00
        [INFO] Final Memory: 22M/365M
        [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------

The build succeeds, but the config doesn't update. No errors. I tried searching online to find out which wildfly-maven-plugin versions work with which Wildfly app server version but I can't find any information.