Simple mapping widget for PyQt5 with marker and panning options

I am looking to add a location picker type map, where the user of my PyQt5 application either:

  1. Enters a single coordinate set and is shown the location on a map
  2. Picks a point on a map (anywhere in the world, so interactive panning and zooming would be nice)

I could make the lack of interactiveness work by manually adding some double-click (zoom in), left-click (center) and right-click (zoom out) actions on a static map and then update the map myself. So minimally I need to display a map.

Here's the tricky part: I have found several modules that seems to fit the static map part, but they don't seem to offer the option to embed in a widget instead of its own dialog. And most are static maps. The own dialog means I can't easily add the normal widget event listeners for mouse events.

The modules I have found which seems reasonable simple for my limited needs are: gmplot and geoplotlib. I am very familiar with matplotlib already, so I am used to that style.

Qt has functionality for maps, but they seem overly complex and I first ran into the QML while searching for this. A whole other "language" just for a small map widget seems excessive.

I think the best solution at the moment is some webview based and hope for the best regarding accuracy for center/zoom abilities.

Am I missing some obvious modules, features of geoplotlib/gmplot or QtLocation?