Live data Javascript Library

I'm creating a web application which has a websocket connection that receives multiple channels of data. This data can come in up to 50hz, but I would like to be able to display it in a graph at least at a rate of 10hz.

My page can have multiple graphs per page and may have up to 20 channels subscribed. The window of data shown only needs to be the last 30 seconds.

Is there any charting libraries that can handle live data coming in at 10hz and up?

I have spent some time trying to get this to work with Highcharts. Currently 5 Channels running at 10hz on one graph, it uses all browser resources and freezes after rendering for a short time, this was using the highcharts boost module, and I tried both the setData and addPoint methods to update the chart.

I have tried a few other libaries but run into the same performance issues.