inserting raw python dictionary into mongodb

I have raw python dictionary like below which is having billions of key value pair

test_dict1={'2605bad44c2140099dd20da3c11b92f9@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 'a26cc4136f834957ad4f8e861d0c29a3@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 '44bf79a0870e4be682ad23a30b72b97d@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 '693996165af9428c95e303dd0432cf18@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 '7a59d26a591c469d8e98bf829b282317@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 '529ad9c473b94b30a3390b0e449b30c0@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 '3022f8dea40241abb9472f9857ec829e@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 '5a6f70c8d03e436d9504eabde47e60cf@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 'efe923ef371447b19903210a02a21060@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 '77542669aba045c1b6a4d9e9eb939bab@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 '92294ce2ee4442cc89fb24a9140dccd7@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',
 'a4d52977d5f0486891d04e22df5d1a3a@fnwpvivoxcom': '1',}

How I can insert it into mongodb and check how much memory its taking. I am trying to do this with the below code.

from pymongo import MongoClient
client = MongoClient()
conn = MongoClient('localhost', 27017)
mydb = conn["mydatabase"]
mycol = mydb["customers"]

mydict =test_dict1

x = mycol.insert_many('test_dict1')

but i am not able to do that.

I want to store all these values in mongo and after inserting i need count of the unique key values and how much memory its taking store it.