Python - Maps/Places API - List of addresses for a specific business and a most proximate neighbor for each

I am beginning to plan a script to analyze what businesses commonly neighbor other businesses.

I want to input a business name (eg: McDonalds/Home Depot/Shell Gas) and some sort of geographic parameter (eg: Street/City/State/Zip Code/USA) to generate a list of all locations of that business within the region and for each of the locations a name of the most proximate business.

The final output would be a frequency table showing the most common neighboring businesses. IE - I would input "Home Depot - State Michigan" or "McDonalds - Zip 35262" and output:

Home Depot Neighbor Frequency

  1. Take 5 oil - 152
  2. Mattress firm - 78
  3. Wendys - 65

Meaning that 152 of the Home Depot locations in the state of Michigan are immediately neighbored by a Take 5 oil.

I'm sure I can handle the analysis once I have the data. Does Maps/Places API have the functionality to supply me this data? I'm not a programmer by trade and end up re-teaching myself python whenever I have an idea so Im a little lost in the documentation at the moment.