Installing VMWare's workstation ruins SSL certificates

After having installed VMware's workstation 15.0 on Winodws 10 I am not able to access some websites on the host. Examples are Twitter and LinkedIn, though most websites are unaffected. In any virtual machine everything is fine.

The reason is that the certificate tree is broken: when I check the tree I see just one certificate, and it's a VMWare certificate.

When I uninstall the software it still does not work though then it says that it cannot find the website.

Re-installing the software brings the VMWare certificate back.

Asking VMWare's support line was not exactly a success story. Apart from the communication problems (the lady has an Indian accent so thick that is is really difficult to understand her) I was asked questions like "Do you use Anti-Virus software" (no I don't of course). Finally I was told that they cannot reproduce the problem and that I should try other browsers and porn mode etc. It's just utter nonsense.

I've spent a long time on research but it seems that I am the only one who has this problem, which is hard to believe.

Anyway, I need to bring back the correct certificates, and I have no idea how to do this. And yes, I really do need the workstation software.