DCOS percona-server-mongodb recovery not working out of the box

When I tried to run backup and restore on aws s3 bucket by instruction https://docs.mesosphere.com/services/percona-server-mongodb/0.4.0-3.6.6/disaster-recovery/

Backup was fine. I can see files in the bucket after process, but when I'm trying to run restore with helps command or with help instructions in the link I am faced with next one problem:

/mnt/mesos/sandbox/s3-cli-linux cp --access-key=xxxxxxxxxx--secret-key=xxxxxxxxxxx --recursive s3://[bucket_name]/percona-server-mongodb/20181012_1337/rs/dump /mnt/mesos/sandbox/restore

'[' '!' -d /mnt/mesos/sandbox/restore ']'

echo 'ERROR: restore directory does not exist after download!'

is this an access rights problem?

Thanks a lot!